Monday, September 29, 2008

Would you...?

There are lots of things in life that we definitely would never do, would secretly do or have already done. In my opinion never is a very strong word. I'd say never for a lot of things, but maybe someday it'd be necessary for me to do these things, so I prefer to avoid this word. Everyone has secrets, and a lot of them are very funny and interesting. Things that we have alrealdy done can be also interesting, but sometimes commom or maybe unusual.
I would 'never' dye my hair bright purple or orange or have it shaved . I have already dyed my hair red, but I think a bright purple or orange hair would stand out against a red one. This is not my purpose, I really prefer not to draw attention to myself. I wouldn't have my hair shaved because I really like and care about my long hair, so I would certainly spend more than $100 on a haircut, as I have done many times. I would 'never' go to dinner in a restaurant wearing trainers if it was a chic place. I feel that wearing them is out of keeping with this kind of situation. I also would 'never' wear leather trousers or cover my walls with photos of my favourite rocky star or football team, I don't like these things.
Now I'll point out things I would secretly like to do. I would get a tatoo and have my navel pierced. I have already pierced my nose, but it was so painful that I'm really afraid to pierce my navel and to get a tatoo (also because it is something permanent). As a person that appreciates good food and places, I'd pay $100 a head for a meal in a chic restaurant. Although I would 'invest' half a month's salary on a well-cut classic suit, I'd also buy my clothes from a second-hand shop. The most important thing for me is the comfort. I'd dress up an eye-catching shirt with a 'loud' psychedelic pattern and paint my bedroom lime green or bright purple. I love colourful and unconventional things. I would fill my home with antique furniture and with abstract art. I'd put something contemporary too, I'd like to mix old things with modern ones. However, I'd avoid cluttered and not tidy spots, because I really like airy spaces. I would spend $500 on an ornament that I loved or buy myself a flashy sports car. Even thought I don't need it, I think it's good to satisfy our desires sometimes.
I have already bought a cute cuddly toy to put on my bed. In addition, I have lots of toys in my bed and I sleep with the one that my boyfriend gave to me. I have already worn pyjamas with cute cartoon characters on them, specially when I was a child. However, I still use them. I love funny things.
In my opinion, we do have to do what we really want to do (if it's possible, of course). We do have to live life to the full!

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